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I am David A. Brown, and for more than 35 years as a Richmond probate law lawyer I understand the family dynamics that are involved when losing a loved one, especially if it is sudden. All too often when a death is unexpected emotions run high and tension is created due to the uncertainty involved when there is no legal documentation to direct survivors on the administration of an estate.

If there is no will or trust to direct family members in the wishes of the deceased, the state determines the distribution of wealth and property through what is called intestate succession. Estate administration supervised by the probate court is required for the state to determine the distribution of property and assets, which may not be what your loved one would have wanted. Often family members just want to hang on to sentimental items and the memories that go with them, and deciding which family members should receive these items can create conflict and animosity among survivors.

West Contra Costa County Trust Administration Lawyer

Even with a trust or will in place some family members may wish to contest it creating further tension and distress. Like California, every state has its own laws regarding estate planning and probate, so if there are multiple properties and businesses in various states and even other countries, as an experienced attorney I am able to efficiently assist you through the entire administrative process.

In my practice I find that people just want to do right by their loved ones and simply need guidance in how to accomplish this. I understand that emotions run high after a loved one's death, so my approach has always been to act as a mediator when conflicts arise between family members and avoid costly litigation whenever possible. I handle each case personally, and I am available for questions throughout the entire process via telephone or e-mail.

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Over the years I have assisted many families with trust administration and probate and understand even the most complex of estate plans and trusts. Don't let the state decide how your loved one's estate should be administered, if you're involved in a probate issue contact me for a no-obligation, confidential initial consultation.